Why Tijuana?

Crossborder Medical tourism has been so significant in recent years that only in 2018 Tijuana received over 1.2 million patients who came looking for treatments in different areas of health. Together with the patient's companions, it is estimated that the city received more than 2.5 million people linked to the search for doctors and treatments. Showing great growth compared to four years prior when 800,000 visitors were counted, These new figures place Tijuana to be considered the "capital of medical tourism" of Mexico and perhaps latin America.

Tijuana city is undergoing a transformation, with new hospitals, offices, shopping centers and even hotels with hospital beds for recoveries, the industry with the greatest growth and investment today. The competitive costs of consultations, procedures, drugs and surgeries - prices between 30% and 70% less compared to the US - make this city prosper as a great center of high-level hospital care.

Patients from the United States and other parts of the world come for the quality of medical services by having Tijuana with high-level specialists and hospitals with state-of-the-art facilities and technology that provide patients with good quality and expedited care. One of the specialties that has shown a notable boom is that of plastic surgery, since Mexico is among the five countries in the world with the highest demand in this type of medical care, with ample possibilities of becoming the first power, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, not to mention that California is just across the border which is also a world center of Plastic Surgery Procedures.

At Tijuana's Rio commercial zone there are large hospitals and consultation facilities that offer their services for all types of medical procedures.Since the mid-twentieth century, Americans crossed the border into Tijuana to obtain low-cost health treatments, as well as "alternative therapies." This dynamic gave way to today's highly developed infrastructure for this sector, equipped with advanced technology, top experienced specialists and all kinds of services in relation to this field. The advantage of the geographical situation of Tijuana goes hand in hand with the development of technology, the supply of infrastructure - hospitals and clinics - and the expertise of specialists The medical tourism industry last year created an economic spill of about US $ 1.4 billion, to which is added an investment for a similar amount for the construction and remodeling of private clinics.

The increase in the last two years in the health infrastructure exceeds US $ 1.5 billion, with new clinics, hospitals, remodeling etc. It is all a trend to see new doctors arriving.
What are visitors looking for in Tijuana?

  • 1. Dentistry 5,000 offices attend the foreign demand.
  • 2. Reconstructive or body beautification cosmetic surgery, at least 350 patients daily.
  • 3. Bariatrics Obesity surgeries, 80 surgeries performed every day.
  • 4. Ophthalmologic treatments
  • 5. Orthopedic Surgery
  • 6. Infertility treatments and Assisted Reproduction Technologies

There are approximately 1000 In vitro Fertilization procedures with results comparable to top performing countries. One of these examples is Assisted Reproduction Fertility from Hospital Angeles Tijuana that offers high complexity treatments such as In vitro Fertilization, ICSI, preimplantation genetic diagnosis programs of oocyte donation.
The leaders of medical tourism in Tijuana say that the best support for their work is the confidence shown by patients who have not stopped arriving in recent years.
The industry has grown at such a pace that now hotels have begun to create rooms with hospital beds and other facilities for convalescent patients. In some cases, patients according to the condition can visit tourist places such as Valle de Guadalupe and Ensenada Rosarito and Puerto Nuevo.

Hainan Airlines and Aeromexico connect with direct flights to Tijuana room Shanghai and Beijing, facilitating accessibility and slashing transport times.


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