Quick Facts

1. Monthly average water expenses can go as low as 136.00 dollars for commercial consumption up to 1,000 cubic meters

2. In Baja California labor needs are well met. Production workers, managements and technical employees can be found locally, a direct result of universities and technical training school structuring industry specific programs.
3. Industrial Facility Construction Costs are about $ 30.00 dlls per square feet but many companies choose Shelter services that offer all the administrative support and site-selection and also because of great quality of attention and facilities.
4. Because of its strategic location, the estate of Baja California makes an ideal destination for investment. Mexico, being a member of the T - MEC agreement, has access to USA and Canada markets as well.
5. Competitive logistics environment and costs: Over 90 specialized international freight companies operate out of Tijuana, experience in U.S./Mexico freight operations in small and medium trucks, and full container loads. Tijuana offers great advantage for international freight service, with over 240 trucking companies providing services out of San Diego and Tijuana combined.
6. Tijuana is the #1 export manufacturer in Mexico and North America’s #1 medical devices capital.
7. Mexico has 12 Free Trade Agreements with 46 countries.
8. The mega region Cali-Baja provides the unique opportunity to live in one country and work in another. This has become a common social phenomenon in Tijuana. It is estimated that nearly 8.2% of the economic active population that live in Tijuana work in San Diego Area.
9. The population segment between the ages of 15 and 39 is the largest of the age groups in the state. Average age is 23 years, making this a great pool for a young but capable workforce.
10. Baja California offers a wide range of excellent entrepreneurial incentives for foreign companies. It holds the 1st place in industrial competitiveness in Mexico with over 950 foreign manufacturing companies that represent close to 320,000 industrial jobs.
11. Just in Tijuana, there are 150+ operating as contract manufacturing companies with all its benefits.
12. Foreign legal entities who intend to perform business activities in Mexico shall obtain authorization from the Ministry of Economy. Foreign entities that intend to set up in Mexico, even if not governed by corporate laws by the Federal Civil Code, shall obtain authorization from the Ministry of Economy.
13. Baja California is an international competitiveness pole through the coordination of a high-value production ecosystem.
14. The state benefits from its bi-national, bi-cultural workforce and its increasing engineering community.
15. An advantage of the IMMEX program (commomnly known as “maquila”) is an exception of importation duties that can be applied to raw materials, components, and equipment.
16. As a country, Mexico has increased its aerospace industry business by double digits for the last 14 years, reaching more than 7 billion dollars by 2018. In this context, Baja California is home to 20-25% of the aerospace facilities in Mexico.
17. There are 5 key factors within Baja California’s industrial ecosystems: pro-business regulations, high mix-low volume production, cost-effective, high skilled labor and expertise, a consolidated supply chain, and a steady business cycle with its return on investment.
18. The Tijuana HUB industry, conveniently has access to adjacent industries like medical devices, metalmechanic, and electronics.