Tijuana, a city that exceeds expectations

You probably have heard about Tijuana. The city has been portrayed several times in film and television as a Mexican “Las Vegas”, or even “the happiest place on earth”. But if you speak to a local, you´ll find out that “Tj” is so much more than its nightlife.

The inhabitants of this city have worked hard to turn it into something better than a meeting point for spring breakers, and Tijuana has become a perfect place for holiday vacations, and a home to move into.

Its food, history and culture, plus a privileged weather and location, makes Tijuana a city that you'll definitely want to discover.

We all love food

One of the greatests things about Tijuana, is its food variety and quality. Here you´ll find high-level restaurants that reflect the city's history, such as the Caesar's Restaurant, home of the world-famous Caesar salad.

But if you're more into the urban cuisine, you´ll find food trucks, gastro parks and beer gardens all over the city. Enjoy the culinary delight of a traditional Mexican dish, or try a new one that blends the local flavors with your favorite international dishes. As a city that has been built by immigrants, we have them all.

Let's not forget that Tijuana is the craft beer capital in Mexico: this city has more than 100 breweries and taprooms, and last year, RateBeer —one of the most important beer rating platforms worldwide— awarded two Tijuana breweries.

Insurgente won in the Best Brewery and Best Beer categories, while the Madueño Brewing Company won the recognition for Best New Brewery.

Real estate

Big cities grow far and wide, and Tijuana is definitely on its way.
There are more than 8 thousand homes planned for 2019 in coastal Baja California (Tijuana-Rosarito-Ensenada) and at least 45 vertical developments in Tj, planned for the rest of 2019.

Tijuana in particular became an excellent place to invest in real estate property. After all, this is the 4th most important city in Mexico and it is minutes away from the San Diego Border.

Here you can buy or rent luxurious apartments in the best areas of the city, at affordable prices. And most of the buildings offer amenities such as gym, spa, gardens, event halls and more. Ideal for a dreamy vacation, right? Or simply to enjoy life.

Right next to San Diego

Welcome to the most visited border city in the world. More than 20,000 people crosses this border by foot every day, and 70,000 vehicles do as well.

Tijuana has two ports of entry: one connects to San Ysidro and the other one is located in Otay Mesa.

For a reference, you´ll be relieved to know that Downtown Tijuana is less than 10 minutes away by car, from the nearest port of entry.

Waiting times may vary, depending on demand. But traffic is possible to avoid at night and at certain times of the day. The transit can be consulted through sites such as the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website, or by dialing 700-7000 from a local phone.

In addition, most doctors in Tijuana offer passes to cross faster, in a special lane. And many people who reside permanently in Tijuana, have chosen to apply for SENTRI, a document that allows you to use an exclusive lane to cross with little to no wait.

Wineries and vineyards

Did you know that more than 90% of the Mexican wines were made in coastal Baja California? The wine route begins at Tijuana and continues south to the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada.

This entity produces the best bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc and Riesling among others, and Valle de Guadalupe concentrates more than 75 wineries, such a LA Cetto, Monte Xanic and Baron Balche.

Locals gotta be thankful for the climate of the region: it is comparable to that of the Mediterranean, which has favored the production of grapes.

Nowadays, Baja is the number one producer in Mexico and a large exporter of wine worldwide.

So if you're in Tijuana, don't hesitate to come over. It's only 3 hours into the south and along the way you will find many tourist attractions, such as the road with the most beautiful view of the country: the Tijuana - Ensenada Scenic Highway, by the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy your stay and get the most of it, in Tijuana.