Do business in Tijuana and have a fishing adventure in Ensenada

Why Tijuana?

An ideal Mediterranean climate coupled with pristine shores on the Pacific Ocean give way to several water sports in Baja California, however other than diving, sailing and surfing, among the top recreational activities in Baja California Sports Fishing is considered to be one of the most famous and rewarding experiences to have as a tourist, renowned internationally for its diverse deep water fish species fit for the best fishing experts, only a 40 minute drive from Tijuana City (where you are able to fly directly from Shanghai or Beijing), Ensenada offers travelers a rich experience while fishing in the pacific ocean all year round. For many businessmen that visit Tijuana for it's business opportunities it is not uncommon to also play some golf, visit wine country and also take a brake and do some world class fishing while there in the area.

From albacore to bass, dorado, bonita and barracuda, even several species of Tuna, Flounder and bass. Different seasons for different varieties of fish, most of the year you may rent a boat equipped with a knowledgeable crew and fishing gear and head out to several ocean destinations such as Todos Santos Bay, and if you prefer some shore fishing spots, you might want to make a short drive to Punta Banda and cast that fishing rod all day.

Every year there are several fishing tournaments that bring fishermen nationally and internationally to compete, have a good time and win al kinds of prices, many of such held between June and August each year, from fishing competitions such as Pesca La Baja to eating frenzies such as the seafood festival also held in July of each year, Ensenada also offers regatta boat competitions and wine festivals that will go well with your fish catch.

Whatever your pleasure, plenty of options for fishing, weather it's just for individual fun, to sharing the experience with friends, family ore even business acquaintances, sports fishing in Baja California is an experience one should not miss .

Having good friends in China I can remember many times where I have been able to Invite groups and share this experience with them, not one time have they not been euphoric with pleasure, particularly one day two friends came to visit me, Peter from Beijing and Miles from Shanghai, we made some business related visits between Tijuana and Ensenada and after I was able to take them out to sea for fishing, the weather could not be more perfect and even though we did not leave shore on early dawn, we where lucky enough to secure a feast of fishes that included rockot, yellow fin tuna and barracuda, all during only a few hours, my Chinese buddies where so surprised, we came back to the marina and in the hotel the Chef was nice enough to fillet and cook a good amount of fish, including some of the eggs found in one of the fishes. It was simply spectacular, this was back in 2012 and to this day both of them cite this experience as one of the best they've had in Mexico. They where not only able to do good business but also enjoyed supreme fishing and dinning, when you hear the term work and pleasure, this definitely applies to Baja California, particularly when visiting Tijuana and Ensenada.

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