Cultural and business afinities between Mexico and China


It is known that around 15,000 years during the last glaciation period, a group of asian nomads mainly of mongoloid origins that crossed through the bering strait from what we know today as siberia, this has already been proven by genetic studies and when one looks at native americans from Alaska to the Patagonia the features are still physically treasable.

Although mongoloid descent cannot be trased to all han people it is aceptable to consider that there is some infuence particularly in certain northern regions of China. On another note some key cosmogonic principles for instance in the mayan ancient culture are exactly the same as in Chinese ancient cosmogony an example is the concept of a round earth and a square sky.

Also in traditional medicine, many coincidences exists between Chinese and the Mayan, the five elements and the cold or hot qualities in mater are remarcably shared between both cultures, the concept of a fethered Serpent flying in the sky “Kukulkan” and the Chinese Dragon have much in comon as well.

On day to day practice one may observe the dearest values also shared such as family, respect for elders, work, tradition and the value of relationships (guangxi) overall there is much more similarity between these two cultures then lets say more european influenced cultures such as in the case of anglosaxons in north america or european.

From another perspective which comes more from the economic and perhaps geopolitic athmosphere, there has never been a time when Mexico and China shared a common feat more than currently, historically Mexico was umong before the first countries to recognize the PRC and not Taiwan as an independent Nation before the United Nations and since then diplomatic relations not only have remained stable since they started in February 14th 1972, its fit to mention that the 14th of February is a special date for Mexican People, celebrating Love and Friendship, even though good relations between China and Mexico started during the XIX century these where oficially established a few months after Mexico voted in favor of recognizing only the PRC as sobereign member of the UN in October of 1971. Over the last 10 years the relationship has been notabely enhanced, for instance President Xi Jinping and former Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto now hold the record in number of meetings ever held at this level between both nations, during this time Chinese investment in Mexico grew over 183% and rose to become China’s second trading partner in the continent after the USA, all of this within a period of six years, in a very short period of time Mexico is consolidating as China’s Gateway to “The Americas”, there are now over 1000 registered Chinese groups in Mexico and this number is growing rapidly. As Sino-US relationships are more fragile than ever, there are plenty of new opportunities to expore between Mexico and China, one is the manufacturing of Chinese branded products that can be exported to over 46 economies with preferential or zero dutties when they are made in Mexico, 46 is the number of countries Mexico is able to access through it’s 12 free trade agreements, other áreas of oportunity for Chinese businesspeople are Real Estate, Tourism, Minerals and lets not forget Food and Beverages.

There are more and more opportunities between both nations and the timing could not be better, and remember when doing business in Mexico there is no need to change your Chinese values as Mexican people will also apreciate harmony, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, and filial piety, it is a matter of finding your right partner and building a lasting and sucessful relationship same as in China.

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